Open Head NFT

Cracking open closed minds and sharing the incredible potential of 100% transparent NFT Raffles hosted in our Smart Contract. With true open-mindedness comes powerful visions.

The 100 ETH Raffle

Once every Open Head NFT has been minted, we will run our Initial Raffle.

For this incredibly special event, we have an equally amazing prize. That’s right – the first Open Head Raffle will have a prize of 100 ETH!

Your eyes do not deceive you – hey, we did warn you that our rather open heads may lead us to make some rather extravagant gestures.

No, this is a very true and calculated prize with which we demonstrate to the Open Head community just how valuable it is to be part of our open-minded movement.

A percentage of each mint will be automatically transferred into a locked wallet only accessible by our Smart Contract - not even our dev team will have access to it.

Once every Open Head NFTs has been minted, our Smart Contract will host the Raffle !

Revolutionary Monthly Raffles


The ETH prize value of the monthly raffles will consist of a minimum of the 50% of the shares of the Open Head project monthly earnings.

Whereas the ETH prize value of the weekly raffles will consist of a minimum of the 10% of the shares.

The Winner

All weekly and monthly raffles will take place on a random day, without prior notification to the community.

The contestant in possession of the NFT at the moment of the raffle will be the winner.

Become Eligible

The 1,000 tokens listed for sell in OpenSea with a lower price will not be eligible for the monthly raffles.



When will the Open Head NFT project launch?

18th January 2022.

What is the total supply of Open Head NFTs?

There will be 10,000 unique NFTs available for minting.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

0.07 ETH + gas.

Will there be a pre-sale?

Yes, but only for our early supporters. Join the Open Head NFT Discord to find out more!

Will there be a mint limit per transaction?

Yes, but has not officially been confirmed yet.

More questions?

Join the Open Head NFT Discord. It’s also a great place to be the first to hear about all updates regarding project development and official launch.



    Our audited Smart Contract will be released, and will be ready to transfer a percentage of each transaction into the Raffles Locked Wallet - only accessible by our Smart Contract, not even our devs will have access to it!

  • 25% minted

    Giveaways reveal! Visit our Discord where few more Open Head NFTs will appear and given away to the winners!

    Raffles Locked wallet: 25 ETH

  • 50% minted

    We will begin collaborating with 10 artists – each selected by the Open Head community – to create 10 ultra-unique NFT pieces that will be auctioned off on OpenSea!

    Raffles Locked wallet: 50 ETH

  • 75% minted

    We will start our own merchandise brand so you can represent Open Head NFT out and about!

    Raffles Locked wallet: 75 ETH

  • 100% == 100 ETH Raffle

    Raffles Locked Wallet is full! And Now the fun can really begin! Full minting means the launch of our incredible 100 ETH Raffle. There will only be one winner!


    Once the excitement of our Initial 100 ETH Raffle has passed, we will begin our sequence of monthly raffles. Prizes will consist on a HUGE share of the Open Head project, so you can expect the prize to always feature a life-changing amount of ETH.

    We will donate to charity, as we did

    We will integrate with and Rarity Sniper

    We will continuously host special events only available to the Open Head NFT holders!

    And much more! Join the Open Head community, and help us build our future!

— Transparency & Fairness —

We value nothing more than honesty and clarity in all we Open Heads do. For this reason the Raffles will be fully hosted on-chain, where the entire process can be verified. We will also make the code publicly available to anyone interested in checking it out!

The raffle funds will remain locked and only accessible by our Smart Contract - not even the dev team will have access to it. Our Smart Contract will be audited by a trusted 3rd party company before being released and the results of this audit will be shared with our community.

In fairness to Open Head NFT holders of all walks and time present, all Raffles will be done on random days, without prior notification to the community.

Check out our Smart Contract audit here.